GHPC 20210705 patch notes

GHPC has been updated to version 20210705!  As always, you can find the public demo here.  Patrons can find the full demo using the usual link, which will be shared again in the Patreon post for the update.


This update is the culmination of a month of work to upgrade the game engine of GHPC to a more recent version. This change will allow us to make use of better graphics and performance later on. Visual and mechanical upgrades to the game are ongoing and will start arriving in the demo soon!

A major change in this update is the removal of the default Unity launcher. In its place is a dedicated in-game menu for control bindings - and the graphics options are now accessible from the main menu screen as well. The new input menu page will allow you to set up controls as you wish for keyboard, mouse, and (soon) controllers. (Please note: if you previously had custom control re-mappings saved, they will no longer work with the new system. You will need to recreate your custom mapping in the new menu.)

Building on the foundation of this update, a large portion of future work will be devoted to improving the variety in missions, implementing dynamic missions, and laying the ground work for a campaign mode. Stay tuned for more news!  As usual, you can give feedback about the update on the GHPC Discord server

Change Log

  • Added new main menu scene (work in progress)
  • Added new main theme music (composed by Majoris)
  • Added infantry models to visible positions on TOW, 9K111, and M113, replacing the placeholder models
  • Added basic infantry/crew animation functionality with placeholder death animations
  • Added in-game control rebind menu
  • Added in-game options menu access to main menu screen
  • Added new missions
  • Added larger vehicle variety to Fun Drive mission for cinematic/screenshot purposes
  • Added new patron credits, coder credits, and memorial
  • Improved optimization of various game elements
  • Upgraded ground texturing of Point Alpha map
  • Upgraded proving ground map
  • Removed default launcher
  • Removed VHS effect from main menu due to glitches (we will be reworking menu UI at a later date)
  • Removed luggage physics temporarily due to glitches
  • Updated textures on M1IP
  • Fixed an issue where ATGMs would not properly steer at high frame rates
  • Fixed an issue where third person camera and weapon aim point could become vertically misaligned
  • Fixed an issue where third person orbit camera would change height when returning from a different third person view
  • Fixed an issue where the Luna spotlight arm on the T-72M1 did not articulate with the gun barrel properly
  • Fixed an issue where AI units would refuse to close distance with a spotted target
  • Fixed several navigation issues with AI units in missions
  • Fixed an issue where Point Alpha sky was too bright in thermal view
  • Fixed M1IP being too cool in thermal view
  • Fixed an issue where M85 cupola machine gun could shoot itself
  • Fixed an issue where RNG would get stuck in patterns
  • Fixed an issue where 9M111 missile was not visible in tube of 9P135M launcher before firing
  • Fixed an issue where flames wouldn't exit the turret opening on the T-55A when the turret was blown off

I love you guys!!! i love you!! 
This game keeps getting better and better! Cant wait for the Bradley!!