GHPC 20210808 patch notes

GHPC has been updated to version 20210808!  As always, you can find the public demo here.  Patrons can find the full demo using the usual link, which will be shared again in the Patreon post for the update.


This update features a solid list of fixes and improvements, as well as a comprehensive overhaul of systems related to missions. While the visible benefits of this overhaul are currently limited to accessing new variations on missions, the change will allow us to create many new gameplay features in the future!

For those who have seen our vegetation system teasers - we are still testing and improving the new rendering changes, and we did not want to delay this update any longer. Keep an eye out for more on this feature, coming soon.

M1IP hit spalling in AAR mode

Change Log
  • Overhauled mission system to allow much more fine-tuned control and dynamic elements
  • Overhauled movement AI to allow situational variation in tactics, speeds, accuracy, and more
  • Overhauled several missions with random variations (marked with a die icon on their menu buttons)
  • Overhauled first-person aim system for improved smoothness and consistency between zoom settings
  • Changed first-person aim speed to a power curve for better control of low traverse speeds
  • Changed default view for most units to commander perspective (as before, you can press C to change views)
  • Added systems to allow mission designers to set up multiple choices for time, units, and routes
  • Added support for analog controllers in control remapping menu
  • Added remappable control for zoom level
  • Added a mappable control to toggle gunner's palm switches (turret aim engage) for convenience and accessibility
  • Added impact force for munitions striking physics objects
  • Added a new victory condition for some missions, requiring only important units to be neutralized to win
  • Added "obstructed" callout for gunner when a target is visible but the weapon's line of fire is blocked
  • Added a brief message upon taking control of a unit, listing its name for reference
  • Added names to credits
  • Adjusted post-pen spall cones for KE projectiles and HEAT jets to better conform to real-world research results
  • Fixed an issue where turret traverse speeds were influenced by frame rate
  • Fixed an issue where the main menu music would no longer play after returning from a mission
  • Fixed vehicles often attempting to ram targets
  • Fixed M60A3 not accounting for point stabilization when gauging lead, reducing its precision on the move
  • Fixed an issue where a gunner operating alone couldn't call out initial identify commands
  • Fixed crew in the player's vehicle not seeing over berms easily
  • Fixed an issue where T-55 hatches wouldn't open when crew bailed out
  • Fixed a bustle rack luggage item that erroneously had physics enabled

WOOOOO! Hell yeah!
Added "obstructed" callout for gunner when a target is visible but the weapon's line of fire is blocked Thank You!!!!
appreciate !