GHPC 20210907.1 patch notes

GHPC has been updated to version 20210907.1!  As always, you can find the public demo here.  Patrons can find the full demo using the usual link, which will be shared again in the Patreon post for the update.


This update includes the debut of the new vegetation system and the introduction of audio effects for tank fires and cookoffs. These systems are still being worked on and will likely change or improve in future patches.

Several bugs have been fixed as well, including an issue that caused game instability, long pauses, and crashes when unloading or reloading a mission.  As a side effect of the changes to mission loading, some payers will also see improved load times.  

The .1 patch hotfixes an issue in the initial 20210907 release where AI could deactivate permanently.  If you downloaded the demo during the short period when this version was available, you will need to re-download it.  Itch app users will automatically receive a 4 MB patch to update the game.

In the meantime, the team is also working on several large game features that have a longer lead time.  Keep an eye out for more news about these soon!

If you like where GHPC is headed and wish to support the project, please consider joining on Patreon.  We are entirely community-funded, and your contributions directly enable us to bring the game to life.


  • Added new vegetation rendering system to Point Alpha
  • Added new tree, bush, and grass models to Point Alpha
  • Added audio effects for fire and cookoffs in vehicles
  • Added more names to credits (thank you!)
  • Greatly improved stability of mission loading and unloading (may also be faster for some players)
  • Audio now fades out during unload
  • Fixed HEAT detonations producing overly weak fragmentation
  • Fixed realism of spall modeling - the core cone should no longer get eaten by thin catch plates
  • Fixed an issue that led to inefficient terrain shadow rendering near sunrise and sunset
  • Fixed M113 having too much frontal protection
  • Fixed an issue where M456 would ricochet at ridiculous angles instead of crushing as intended
  • Fixed an issue where evacuated crew members could still be struck as if they were inside the vehicle
  • Fixed a visual glitch with sabot petal motion
  • Fixed a visual glitch with projectile direction while paused
  • Fixed an issue where thermal-sight-equipped units couldn't see well in the dark
  • Fixed order of items in texture resolution settings
  • Fixed incorrect armor naming on the M113
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some key inputs (such as time controls) while using free cam
  • Fixed several issues that produced error spam in log files