GHPC 20211106 patch notes

GHPC has been updated to version 20211106!  As always, you can find the public demo here.  Patrons can find the full demo using the usual link, which will be shared again in the Patreon post for the update.


This is a major update, introducing the platoon system and several other improvements.

The platoon system allows small groups of vehicles to move and fight as a unit, sharing responsibilities and information. They are better at finding targets, reacting to attacks, and more. Attacking a platoon, even from the flank, may prove quite challenging. With this update, most missions in the Point Alpha map have been updated to include platoons.

If the player is controlling a platoon leader vehicle, the other vehicles in the platoon will follow in formation and fight alongside the player. The quick menu (default: Q) contains a new section for issuing orders as a platoon leader.

Platoon orders available in this initial feature release include Follow, Halt, Change Formation, and Change Formation Spacing. There are several formations available to cover different situations.

For a smooth formation driving experience, consider using the cruise control feature. Maintaining a consistent speed and path will help your AI platoon mates to form up and stick by you as you approach your objective.

There are other new additions in this update as well, including the M923 truck (from the M939 series of American 5-ton trucks) and some vegetation and lighting upgrades. Read more about it below!


  • Added platoon system, including player controls (in quick menu), formation driving, visual scanning sectors, AI upgrades, and vehicle numbering coordination
  • Added M923 cargo truck
  • Upgraded vegetation rendering on proving ground and old Germany test terrain
  • Improved color tones on Point Alpha terrain
  • Improved some vegetation LODs
  • AI units will now search for the shooter when struck and not knocked out
  • Steering inputs will no longer cancel cruise control
  • Added new crop types
  • Added physical reactions to vegetation when hit by vehicles or muzzle blasts
  • Added lighting to flames, fireballs, and APFSDS impacts
  • Added visible casing ejection to KPVT heavy machine gun on BRDM-2
  • Added new event tools for mission designers
  • Added names to credits (if you're an IFV tier patron or above, let us know what name you want!)
  • Removed experimental soft-body damage from UAZ-469
  • Fixed an issue where engine audio would sometimes cut out completely on some vehicles
  • Fixed various issues with AI driving along waypoint paths
  • Fixed AI vehicles sliding down slopes too easily
  • Fixed certain vehicles always driving too slowly when controlled by AI
  • Fixed small caliber bullet impacts rocking vehicles
  • Fixed incorrect machine gun ammunition counts in M60A3 and BMP-1
  • Fixed T-72M1 turret ring being strong enough to resist almost all overpressure from ammunition detonation
  • Updated missions:
    Alternate Route
    Blind Buffalo
    Bold Limit
    Bumbling Baboons
    Fog of War
    Gambling Giants
    Gregarious Gorge
    Hunting Goliath
    Silver Dart
    Steel Wedge
    Fun Drive

Hi all! Awesome job!! just want to ask, is possible that in 2022 the full game to be launched live? Thanks and big up from Bucharest/Romania. Have a nice sunday!