GHPC 20220206.1 patch notes

GHPC has been updated to version 20220206.1!  As always, you can find the public demo here.  Patrons can find the full demo using the usual link, which will be shared again in the Patreon post for the update.


This is a minor update, primarily meant to correct some bugs and performance issues affecting the previous release.


  • Improved efficiency of several code routines that affect performance
  • Improved efficiency of rendering in dynamic missions map
  • Updated labeling on weapon change controls to be less confusing
  • Attacking units that become stranded now count as losses for mission resolution
  • Reduced likelihood of dynamically spawned vehicles flipping over at spawn
  • Added more patron names to credits
  • Fixed some issues that caused increased CPU and memory load in dynamic missions
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could get stuck driving in circles around one point along a route