GHPC 20220508 patch notes

GHPC has been updated to version 20220508!  As always, you can find the public demo here.  Patrons can find the full demo using the usual link, which will be shared again in the Patreon post for the update.


This update introduces the T-72M tank, an export variant of the early T-72.  This variant of T-72 was quite common in East German service, especially in the early '80s before the T-72M1 made much of an appearance there.  The example in GHPC features the same side skirts and TPD-K1 gunner's sight complex as the T-72M1, though it lacks the composite turret and weld-on glacis reinforcement plate, and it may or may not have the smoke launcher system as an upgrade.

In addition to the new vehicle, we've added two new missions and an array of  improvements, which are listed below.  Some of the work done behind the scenes for this patch also lays the groundwork for larger features coming soon!


  • Removed April Fools missions and moved Rally to Point Alpha category
  • Added T-72M tank
  • Added T-72M to missions Silver Dart and Alternate Route
  • Added T-72M to generated missions
  • Added a new mission to Fulda Outskirts
  • Added a new mission to Fulda Legacy
  • Added scorching effects to M2 Bradley and M1IP Abrams
  • Added hatch and mantlet animations to M1IP
  • Added NSV machine gun to T-72M1 (not functional yet)
  • Added loader's M240 machine gun to M1IP (not functional yet)
  • Added randomized luggage to M60A3 TTS
  • Added support for ultra widescreen monitors
  • Added more IFV and MBT tier patron names to credits (if you are contributing at the required level and want yours included, send a message on Patreon!)
  • Updated model for M60A3 TTS
  • Updated model for M113
  • Improved M113 iron sights aiming
  • Updated engine audio for T-72M1
  • Updated turret traverse audio for M1IP, M60A3 TTS, and T-72M1
  • Updated multiple vehicle models to render more efficiently
  • Improved ability of driver AI to avoid obstacles and go around them
  • Generated missions will no longer allow scenarios that require the attackers to drive across the whole map
  • Improved optimization of Point Alpha and Outskirts maps
  • Refreshed appearance of Legacy map
  • Adjusted flywheel lag of T-72 engine for smoother behavior
  • Lowered steering intensity of M2
  • Improved efficiency of vehicle ID decal rendering
  • Vegetation distance slider now has a more meaningful effect on LODs
  • Overhauled all vehicles' script setups to support future features
  • Increased thickness of M60A3 TTS engine bulkhead
  • Updated game engine and several tools to newer versions
  • Fixed a bug that caused all M113 gunners to become possessed, throw off their physical constraints, and hover unbound over the field of battle
  • Fixed a bug that would lead to halted platoons being considered immobilized for mission resolution
  • Fixed a bug that led to tanks catapaulting into the air when they drove near ATGM emplacements
  • Fixed a texture glitch on the UAZ-469
  • Fixed a wobbly wheel on the M2
  • Fixed M2 commander having the wrong label in damage logs
  • Fixed units spotting and engaging at unreasonable ranges
  • Fixed bugs that could lead to errors in mission setup due to things loading in the wrong order

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also love the update, keep it up