GHPC 20220613 patch notes

GHPC has been updated to version 20220613!  As always, you can find the public demo here.  Patrons can find the full demo using the usual link, which will be shared again in the Patreon post for the update.

For the month of June ONLY, you can play a special demo version of the game on Steam!  Find it on the game's store page.


This update introduces an early prototype of campaign mode for patrons, as well as several bug fixes and other improvements for everyone.  A detailed listing of changes is at the end of this post.

The campaign system has many more elements planned: a shifting frontline, persistent vehicle and crew inventory, off-map support elements, equipment progression, persistent effects from mission results, and much more.  For now, we've added the basics: a dynamic mission selection screen, save files, and a simple win state when one side is too battered to continue the fight.  

We have much more planned for the future of GHPC as we work toward the planned Steam early access release.  Stay tuned for more news, and don't forget to support the game by wishlisting on Steam and joining the Patreon if you can!  We are still entirely community-funded, and your support directly influences our capacity to expand and improve the game.  


  • Added campaign mode WIP (Patreon demo only)
  • Added several new mission archetypes to campaign mode
  • Added help page with links
  • Added pan and zoom features to in-game map screen
  • Added wishlist reminder
  • Added LOD setting in graphics options
  • Updated gunner skills to aim at center of seen mass when target is hull-down
  • Improved tree lighting significantly
  • Updated several tree models and LODs
  • Renamed aiming controls in remap menu to better indicate what they are
  • Removed Patreon and Paypal buttons from main menu of Steam demo to comply with Steam policy
  • Updated vehicle shaders to adjust lighting
  • Fixed a bug where "show input" was off by default (this will also re-enable it for everyone once)
  • Fixed a bug where Abrams tanks could fly to space after being ammo-racked
  • Fixed a bug where detached T-72 turrets could appear with no outer surface model
  • Fixed a bug that led to most vehicles not getting spotted until half the vehicle was above terrain
  • Fixed maximum distance self-destructs on all ATGMs
  • Fixed maximum range on 9M111 ATGM (from 3 km to 2 km)
  • Fixed an issue where several vehicles had misconfigured thermal temperatures
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to performance drops due to excessive graphics settings
  • Fixed some vehicle textures
  • Fixed T-72M1 convoy lamp showing wrong digits from tank number
  • Fixed an issue with road LOD fade
  • Fixed issues with spawn points in some missions