GHPC 20220830 patch notes

GHPC public and Patreon demos on have been updated to version 20220830.  This was the final update for those demos, and the demos will be deactivated when GHPC enters Steam Early Access.  If you want to keep a copy of an itch demo, download it now.

The update applies several bug fixes and changes labeling to reflect the new phase of the GHPC project.  

Future development of GHPC will be focused on Steam only until further notice.  GHPC enters Steam Early Access on September 6, 2022.  


  • Updated messaging to indicate that itch apps are deprecated and future updates will be on Steam
  • Removed some excessive particle effects that were causing lag during ammunition explosions
  • Reduced repeat rate of voice lines for "traverse" and "steady"
  • Fixed crew voices not working in campaign missions
  • Fixed tips and controls list showing only default controls
  • Fixed tips and controls list not showing controller bindings if player uses a controller
  • Fixed fragments being visibly frozen in midair sometimes after HE blasts
  • Fixed lack of steering dead zone when driving tanks using analog controllers
  • Fixed an audio issue with the Abrams traverse brake
  • Fixed an issue that caused coincidence rangefinder views to appear extremely dark in low light
  • Fixed targets on Grafenwoehr range not counting as "hit" in AAR
  • Fixed moving targets on Grafenwoehr range moving too slowly
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to missed clicks or double clicks when interacting with artillery controls on map
  • Fixed parked M1IPs in main menu having wrong mantlet position and glitched decals

After the Steam release, will tanks like the M1s, T-72s ect. be publicly available? Also will the game be free on Steam?
Check this, you'll get your answers :