GHPC version 20201004.1 patch notes

The GHPC Patreon preview build has been updated to version 20201004.1!


This is a minor patch, primarily intended to address some bugs from version 20201004 and make changes for realism.  Most notably, we have made some fire control system (FCS) changes. 

The T-72M1 now has automatic "delta-D" range adjustment in its TPD-K1 gunsight.  For simplicity of use, this feature is activated in GHPC by simply lasing a target.  Delta-D can be deactivated with the "dump lead" command, which is now a unified FCS "reset" command, activated by Ctrl + the lase key. 

In rather the opposite change, the M60A3 TTS has had its delta-D feature removed.  Based on input from an M60A3 master gunner, we've determined that the range in the M60A3 TTS fire control system does not automatically count up or down for vehicle movement.  Instead, the point stabilization system simply estimates parallax compensation and maintains the same range setting.  This leads to a much less precise result than the fully digital FCS in the M1 Abrams, but if used properly, it still gets the job done. 

The team is hard at work on new gameplay features as we progress toward a long-awaited update to the public build around the end of 2020.  If all goes to plan, patrons can expect more new features this month.  Stay tuned! 

Change Log

  • T-72M1 FCS now automatically engages delta-D after lasing
  • M60A3 TTS FCS has had delta-D removed
  • Added delta-D disable to "dump lead" control
  • Added delta-D status to weapons HUD
  • Added HUD label to show current time scale (reminder: use + and - to control the speed of time)
  • Added option to disable pathfinding for player-spawned waypoints (use Ctrl+F4 instead of just F4)
  • Added LAxemann and WA Lancer to credits
  • Added more patrons to credits
  • Fixed Germany 2K map not respecting graphics options
  • Fixed T-55A targets in Germany 2K map veering off their routes
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the camera to easily clip into the M60A3 TTS in the Germany 2K map