GHPC version 20201004 patch notes

We will begin posting updates on the main site from now on. This is a restatement of the most recent patch's release notes.


The GHPC Patreon preview build has been updated to version 20201004!


This build introduces a larger map (2 km by 2 km) for vehicle testing.  The map includes AI tanks that patrol pre-set routes.  Their combat AI is deactivated, as we are still working on this feature. 

The new driver navigation system can be tested on any vehicle in either of the two test maps.  Simply aim the center of your view at a spot on the ground and press F4, and your current vehicle will switch to AI control and drive to that spot.  (This works best in free cam mode, which is toggled with F3.)  Attempting to drive the vehicle yourself will remove AI control again.  

All vehicles are now using new fire control system code that supports many features not previously in the demo, including independent optics stabilization and automatic lead.  You can see some of these improvements in the M60A3 TTS and the T-72M1.  


The new map, from map artist WA Lancer, is a work in progress that we're using to test vegetation and lighting workflows for the larger Fulda Gap map.  We've decided to release it in the Patreon build to give supporters a better space in which to test the new gunnery systems and stretch the legs on the vehicles a bit.

As flavor for this new map, we've placed several AI-controlled tanks on patrol.  They will serve as tempting targets for the M60A3 TTS, which has several new abilities thanks to its newly renovated fire control system (FCS), including variable zoom, cant correction, and lead compensation. 

The FCS in the M60A3 is unfortunately not as powerful as the one seen in its successor, the venerable M1 Abrams, which had a fully digital optics stabilization setup.  Instead, the M60A3 makes do with a somewhat diminished version of the Abrams FCS, lacking its fully dynamic lead, inertial compensation, fire gating, and independent optical stabilization.  In order to use the M60A3 effectively, you'll need to engage from a stationary position, hold a steady track on target for 1.5 seconds, and fire the laser rangefinder to induce a fixed lead.  Only then can you be assured of a correct firing solution.  By contrast, the FCS in the Abrams responds almost instantly to all inputs with an updated reticle position and firing solution. 

Like the early variants of the M1 after it, the gunner's primary sight (GPS) in the M60A3 has the ability to rotate vertically - but not horizontally.  This means that when lead is induced and the turret aims ahead of the target, the reticle itself must slide laterally to show the true aim point.  This effect is also visible while cant correction is active (here, whenever your speed is under 5 mph). 

New to this build and its FCS features, you have the ability to "dump" lead and reset the horizontal offset of your aim point by pressing Ctrl and the lase key (default E) at the same time.  This will help avoid any confusion as to the true impact point of your shots when dealing with the M60A3's fixed lead behavior, and later, it will help avoid distracting reticle drift while scanning for targets in the M1IP Abrams.

While engaging targets in the new build, you'll find that you can disable them by destroying the drivetrain and turret control systems or incapacitating the crew.  The T-55A and (new to this patch) M60A3 TTS have their internal damage models in place to register hits properly.  However, you'll quickly notice what's missing - explosions!  None of the flammables, including ammunition and fuel, are able to be ignited.  The GHPC team is still working on the system that will depict fire and explosions in a satisfying and realistic way, so for now, you'll have to kill targets with precise strikes on their mobility and gunnery systems.  As always, our After-Action Review (AAR) screen is available for reviewing your work by pressing the End key. 

We hope you'll enjoy the new build!  As always, bug fixes will go out in smaller patches in the next few weeks.  We're planning more big feature updates by the end of the month, so stay tuned!  Be sure to check in on Discord for feedback or to see the latest teasers. 

If you'd like to try this demo for yourself, you can get immediate access with a subscription of APC tier or above on Patreon


Added new 2 km testing map, based on a slice of Germany (tell us the exact GPS coordinates to be added to future multiplayer testing!)
Added basic driver AI and navigation/obstacle avoidance capability
Added basic gunner AI scanning routine
Added variable zoom levels to M60A3 TTS
Added automatic lead compensation to M60A3 TTS (uses last 1.5 seconds of traverse rates; lase to activate, and Ctrl+lase to remove)
Added independent optics stabilization to T-72M1 and M60A3 TTS
Added fire gating to T-72M1 (prevents firing with the gun cannot physically align with the sight)
Added inertia to turrets and guns to make them more easily maintain an aim direction while their parent platforms rotate
Added damage model to M60A3 TTS
Added animated fins to 9M111 and TOW missiles
Added navigation jets to TOW missiles
Added animated nose probe to ITOW missile
Added spiraling behavior to 9M111 missile
Added visible stored missiles in missile tubes
Added graphics settings for resolution and screen mode
Added randomization to laser aim point in TPD-K1 sight (on T-72M1)
Added patron credits
Improved lighting
Improved vegetation performance of proving ground map
Improved vehicle driving
Fixed TPD-K1 laser aim point not matching red circle reticle
Fixed camera stutter when viewing your own moving vehicle from the side
Fixed damage logs not reporting spall damage
Fixed projectiles not inheriting the speed of the weapon that fired them
Fixed some prop colliders in proving ground map
Fixed arming distance on 9M111
Fixed gunner posture on 9K111 missile system
Fixed errors related to spawning and modifying projectiles