GHPC version 20201231 patch notes

The GHPC Patreon preview build has been updated to version 20201231!


This build introduces one of the biggest features that's been missing from the game since we began rebuilding it in January 2020: combat missions against AI!  Our team has been working hard to bring you this update by the end of the year as promised, and we're happy to report that we've accomplished this goal.  Keep in mind, however, that there are known bugs and other issues (see the end of this post for the list), and we'll be patching the demo further in the coming weeks. 


Foremost among the new features is the new mission screen.  For those who have played the old public demo, this will look familiar - but now it's running on an entirely new custom mission system that allows us to quickly spin up fresh content in our maps with minimal effect on the game's overall file size. 

For this first batch, we have four pre-made missions set in the 2 km x 2 km Germany test map.  Two are direct confrontations between roughly equal platoons, one is an asymmetrical battle, and one is a challenging solo mission where a single M60A3 TTS must find and eliminate a variety of Pact equipment.  We hope you'll find these missions fun and challenging while we work on expanding the content and adding the larger map that's in development. 

These missions are made possible by the brand-new driver and gunner AI.  While this is still in very early stages, it has some good features already, such as variable skills, distance and speed compensation, intelligent target prioritization, pathfinding, and driving around destroyed vehicles.  We will be adding more features in the near future, including platoon formations and better use of optics and viewports. 

Even in its early state, the AI is fairly challenging to fight against.  Players will do well to avoid charging into unknown spaces or crossing open areas unprotected.  Enemy vehicles and ATGM emplacements can take you out in one unlucky hit. 

Underpinning the new destruction system is our new dynamic fire and explosion simulation system.  With fully realized individual flammable items, compartment temperatures, overpressure, sympathetic detonation, hatch failure, and a long list of other features, this system produces unique results based on the exact battle damage inflicted on a vehicle.  The effects in this patch, like most everything else, are early work in progress versions, and we'll be polishing the system in the future as development bandwidth opens up for it. 

For the detail-oriented tank fans out there, we have model updates on the M60A3 TTS and the T-55A.  These highly accurate depictions now include:

  • New shaders with micro detail textures
  • Improved equipment layouts
  • Paint layer (check out the new MERDC camo on the M60A3 TTS!)
  • Scorch/burn layer
  • Basic interior meshes (for when the turret is thrown off, or looking down into open hatches)
  • Lamp systems, which can be configured through the quick menu (Q)

Currently, only convoy markers and gunner's spotlight are available in this menu, but headlights and brake lights are set up on the vehicles and will be added soon. 

We hope you enjoy the long-awaited return of gameplay to GHPC!  Keep an eye out for more new features and bug fixes in the coming weeks, as well as for an update to the public demo, likely in January 2021. 


Added first iteration of combat and driving AI 
Added 4 combat missions 
Added mission selection screen 
Added mission result HUD text 
Added fully dynamic fire/explosion system with turret throw, hatch burst, delayed cookoffs, and more 
Added convoy marker lights to M60A3 TTS and T-55A 
Added vehicle equipment menu with FCS and lighting control (Default key: Q) 
Upgraded terrain rendering to improve performance 
Upgraded models and textures for M60A3 TTS and T-55A 
Upgraded shader on M60A3 TTS and T-55A to support scorching 
Added MERDC camo to M60A3 TTS 
Added basic compartment interiors to M60A3 TTS and T-55A 
Added armor models and internal components to M113 and BRDM-2 
Unlocked M2HB machine gun on M113 
Added mouse sensitivity and invert Y options 
Added names to credits 
Changed T-55A ready rack to provide more ammo for now 
Removed laser rangefinder from T-55A to depict an earlier version (its FCS now matches its gun sight reticle) 
TOW and 9K111 emplacements can now be destroyed 
Units can now be neutralized by multiple means including crew incapacitation, evacuation, damage to moving/shooting systems, and direct destruction 
Losing your vehicle now results in the camera being changed to third person 
FCS components and laser rangefinders can now be damaged 
Vehicle power can now be lost 
Turret rotation now slows to hand cranked speed when power is lost 
Illuminated reticles now auto-dim at night 
Animated parts and scorch state are now recreated in AAR snapshots 
Crew can now evacuate a burning vehicle (signified by hatches opening) 
Buffed HEAT jets 
Moved a TOW emplacement in teaser map to a better spot 
Reduced dust from ATGM impacts 
Improved some terrain features 
Closed front shutters on BRDM-2 for protection 
Fixed color grading (reds and blues should look more correct now) 
Fixed disappearing tree shadows 
Fixed an issue where the T-72M1 turret could disappear 
Fixed M60A3 TTS ride height 
Fixed excessive shine on terrain 
Fixed turret rings being too weak 

Known issues

Damage logs from other vehicles' shots can appear
AI tanks can slide on slopes when parked
AI gunners' scan sweeps can get stuck to one side
Vehicles can get stuck driving after crew evacuation
T-55A antenna bridges hull and turret when turret is off
ATGM jets remainin when missile detonates too early
Non-fuzed ATGMs still penetrate and inflict heavy damage
Crew can be shot after evacuation
Fire is silent
M60A3 FCS has numerous bugs
AI can get confused and drive away
AI reaching their final waypoint can get stuck rocking in place
AI can get stuck shooting at spots that do no damage
AI can get caught in trees and do horrible things to the laws of physics
3BK5M is underperforming post-perforation
M60A3 GPS reticle can outrun gunsight
Missions with many vehicles can run poorly on some systems
Crew AAR models still appear in turrets that have been blown off
AAR models are visible in AAR when not in X-ray mode
BRDM-2 has some questionable hit boxes
Aluminum armor produces unusually low amounts of spall