GHPC version 20210109 patch notes

The GHPC Patreon preview build has been updated to version 20210109! 


This patch is meant to fix bugs and introduce small features that were not ready in the previous release.  In the next few weeks, similar updates will follow, as the GHPC team prepares to release a long-awaited public demo update.  The Patreon build will continue to receive updates after this public release, so if you're a subscriber, don't worry - you'll continue to have the latest version.  We appreciate your support and could not do this without you!

Several of the bugs noted in the previous patch notes are still present in the game, even after this latest update.  We are aware of these and working on fixing them.  The month of January is entirely dedicated to fixes and important feature improvements.  New content, such as additional vehicles, will likely resume in February. 


Gun barrels can now be destroyed
Gun breeches can now be destroyed
Loaders becoming incapacitated will now severely slow reloading
Reduced muzzle blast dust effects
Adjusted accuracy of AI units
AI gunners now use bursts when firing automatic weapons
Expanded HUD area for damage reports
Improved handling of overpressure to reduce prevalence of T-55 turret throws
Added new mission "M60A3 WAVE"
Added new mission "T-55A WAVE"
Added new patron names to credits
Fixed many areas where AI could see through trees
Fixed wording of FCS damage message for units with no FCS computer
Fixed an issue where shot damage logs would show up from other units
Fixed an issue where basic stabilized gun systems could get "stuck" aiming below or above their elevation limits
Fixed an issue where the M60A3's aim point would shift dramatically when toggling stabilizers
Fixed M60A3 FCS working without power
Fixed audio glitches on automatic weapons fired by AI
Fixed some lighting on smoke and dust effects
Fixed an issue where vegetation distance setting would reset itself in graphics menu
Fixed an issue where ventilation was improperly calculated for fire progression