GHPC version 20210131.1 patch notes

Both GHPC builds have been updated to version 20210131.1!


This is a minor update, adding some small improvements and bug fixes.  Most of the main changes are quality of life features, and there's also a damage modeling change for high explosive rounds to make them more realistically potent. 

New on the HUD are the vehicle orientation indicator and the aim intensity indicator.  The orientation indicator appears in the lower left corner of the screen when you're using a vehicle with a turret.  It shows the hull and turret directions relative to your current view.  This should help with driving from commander or gunner views. 

The aim indicator is a small arrow that appears just below the center of the screen to show exactly what your mouse aim input is doing: the direction and intensity.  This should help new players visualize the way the aiming system works.  If you're used to aiming in GHPC and wish to turn off this feature, you can find the option to toggle it in the Esc menu, under the Input tab. 

AAR mode has been upgraded with the ability to filter shots based on three criteria: hit, damage, and caliber.  If your mission featured a lot of machine gun rounds being fired, you will no longer need to search through a giant list of these shots to find the large caliber ones.  You can also easily ignore missed shots or shots that didn't have much effect.  The default setting is for all three filters to be enabled for concise AAR lists. 

The main systems upgrade in this patch is the addition of overpressure damage effects to munitions that have high explosive warheads.  HE rounds, and some HEAT rounds, will now create damage to fragile items that are nearby and unshielded when they detonate.  This means thin-skinned vehicles struck by HE rounds will no longer require direct spall hits to components in order to take damage, and warheads that detonate on the surface of armor will easily take out optics and other fragile items.  You may even see some hatches blown open by overpressure. 

(Note: overpressure damage is currently not listed in the shot damage logs.  However, its effects still apply in real time.  A more comprehensive damage list will be added later.) 


Added a "how to play" button to the main menu - this links to a guide on the official website
Added shot filters to AAR mode
Added overpressure system for HE and HEAT munitions (with this change, components not directly struck by fragments can still receive damage when near an explosion and unshielded)
Added HUD indicator for hull and turret direction
Added HUD indicator for aim intensity (this is intended to help new players understand how the system works; it can be hidden via the Options menu, in the Input tab)
Added the vehicle switch key to the on-screen list
Added names to credits
Replaced 3BM25 with 3BM20 in T-55A
AAR mode now shows the presence or absence of crew members correctly
Evacuated crew members can no longer be hit by projectiles
BRDM-2 and M113 can now smolder after ammo hits
ATGM crews now have heat signatures
Camera switching now uses two keys: Shift to toggle optics, and C to cycle views within a mode
Nerfed over-performing machine gun rounds
Re-tuned terrain colors on Point Alpha map
Improved some terrain settings for optimization
Reduced glare on T-72M1 ready to fire lamp
Improved consistency of gun sight zoom levels for T-72M1 and M60A3 TTS
Improved optimization of gun sight reticle loading
Increased time required to scorch vehicles that are on fire
Improved clarity of weapons HUD with regard to reloading and restocking
Reduced text size in What's New pop-up
Fixed a bug that made it difficult to drive the BRDM-2 in reverse
Fixed the T-55A gunner's sight not having its 7x zoom level
Fixed a bug that could lead to the reticle in the M60A3 TTS sight "outrunning" the sight
Fixed an oversight that led to stabilizer being controllable during ammo restock