GHPC version 20210505 patch notes

GHPC has been updated to version 20210505!  As always, you can find the public demo here.  Patrons can find the demo using the usual link, which will be shared again in the Patreon post for the update.


At long last, we've added crew voices back into the game!  The US tanks (M60A3 TTS and M1IP) now feature crews that announce targets, guide your gunnery, and react to events.  The commander will even queue up the right ammo for you (toggle this option, or adjust voice volume, in the settings menu).  In preparation for this feature, we recorded over 2000 lines of crew dialogue, hundreds of which have made it into the game so far.  This is one you've got to hear to believe.

Change Log

  • Added crew voices to US tanks, including fully voiced fire commands (volume adjustable in settings)
  • Added automatic ammo switching when commander calls for it (can be toggled in settings)
  • Added 4 new missions to Point Alpha map
  • Added track marks and track ruts
  • Added an indicator when aiming in third person
  • Added lead auto-dump to M60A3 TTS
  • Added names to credits
  • Thrown turrets can now leave indentations in soft ground
  • Improved Point Alpha terrain textures
  • Improved grass color blending and fade out, particularly on Point Alpha map
  • Improved roads
  • Improved controls list
  • Improved third person camera angle
  • Switched controls list to a hold-to-view system
  • Adjusted M1IP frontal armor values
  • Adjusted vegetation distance slider to have more reasonable limits
  • Fixed a bug where overpressure would skip armor and kill crew without penetration
  • Fixed missing reinforcement plate on front of M1IP hull sides
  • Fixed a bug where players could defeat [redacted] after dying
  • Fixed a bug where gun sight could get stuck on screen after [redacted]
  • Fixed issues with driving dust not appearing in Point Alpha
  • Fixed missing briefing for Ambush mission
  • Fixed a bug where the Abrams gun sight could remain on the screen while loading the main menu

I love you guys!!
Sounds awesome! I'm going to try the commander's voice.
Hmmm... It seems like the TC won't override the gunner tho. He would only call out traverse left or right as if the turret hydraulic power is out. Would you guys add the TC override function as an option for people who prefer to have that?