GHPC Vertical Slice dev preview now open on Patreon


As work continues on the overhaul of GHPC, we've reached a point where we can begin sharing builds with testers again.  To kick it off, we've put together a build containing a tank testing ground and four brand-new vehicles:

  • M60A3 TTS (USA, main battle tank)
  • T-55A (USSR, medium tank)
  • M113 (USA, armored personnel carrier)
  • BRDM-2 (USSR, scout car)

Each vehicle features full suspension and drivetrain simulation, and they can all be put through their paces on the driving track in the new test map. 

As we finish rebuilding and testing other features, such as optics, weapons, and AI, we will publish patches to the preview build, allowing testers to instantly check out the new additions.  This process will continue all the way up to the final public release of GHPC Vertical Slice. 

To get in on the ground floor, subscribe on Patreon: