GHPC 20220822 patch notes

GHPC has been updated to version 20220822! As always, you can find the public demo here. Patrons can find the full demo using the usual link, which will be shared again in the Patreon post for the update.


This update comes with a wide variety of new content:

  • A new vehicle, the M60A1 RISE (Passive) with ghost image coincidence rangefinder
  • A new map (Grafenwoehr tank range)
  • Several new missions
  • Artillery support
  • Auxiliary sights
  • Bradley crew voices
  • New effects
  • (And much more!)

IMPORTANT NOTE about aiming control change

The default gunner's sight aim behavior now considers the turret control (palm switch) to be engaged at all times, meaning you will simply move the mouse to control traverse rate, and tap RMB to disengage/dump.  If you prefer the old way of holding the turret control to aim, you can re-enable it in the settings, by deselecting the option "Invert Palm Switch".


The coincidence rangefinder in the M60A1 RISE (Passive) is used via the same keybind as the laser rangefinder (default: E).  When the rangefinder is active, you will see a "ghost image" where anything not at the indicated range appears doubled.  Adjust the gunsight's range (default: LCtrl + Mouse Wheel or PgUp/PgDown) until the target appears to be a single sharp image, then place the center of the non-ballistic reticle on the target and fire.  If you judged the image correctly, you should hit the target.  

The auxiliary sights on the M60 and M1 tanks can be accessed via the view change button (default: C).  They are equipped with ballistic reticles that are automatically changed by the gunner to suit the loaded ammunition type.  Like most simple scope reticles, you can also illuminate them (default: I).  

US tank auxiliary sights

Artillery support is a work in progress feature.  For now, you can call in fire missions in many instant action missions using the map (default: M).  But be warned, the enemy may do the same.  

AI vehicles using IR intensifier type night vision are now affected by infrared illumination when spotting targets at night.  They will see better when their own searchlights are active and will occasionally use them when observing.  There's a catch, though: IR illuminators are also easily detected by hostile AI!  Use caution when night fighting, as your IR illuminator will make you a blazing beacon in enemy night vision.  


  • Added two new instant action missions to North Fields map
  • Added several new campaign missions
  • Added Grafenwoehr tank range (WIP) (Includes bonus preview content!)
  • Added M60A1 RISE (Passive), with optical rangefinder and passive night vision sight (Press lase key to toggle coincidence mode, use manual range adjust to calibrate. Ctrl + Mouse Wheel recommended for convenience.)
  • Added M60A1 RISE (Passive) to mission Kingly Kayak
  • Added indirect fire support system, usable from map view (WIP)
  • Added barrages to some missions
  • Added ability for AI vehicles to use IR illuminators at night
  • Added auxiliary sights to M60 and M1 type tanks, with automatic reticle switching for ammo selection (reminder: press C to switch camera views within a mode)
  • Added hit boxes for destroying main sights on M60 and M1 type tanks
  • Added crew voices to M2 Bradley
  • Added new reticles for wide field of view (WFOV) mode in thermal sights of M60A3 TTS, Abrams, and Bradley (Note: the Bradley uses the TOW crosshair for WFOV mode regardless of what weapon is selected. This is not a bug!)
  • Added new explosion fireball effects for ammo detonations (WIP)
  • Added new audio effects for reload, engine, and equipment in Abrams tanks (some WIP)
  • Added distance effects to explosion audio (WIP)
  • Added more IFV+ patron names to credits (This is not automatic. If you want to be on the list, send us a request via Patreon DM before September.)
  • Turret control ("palm switch") is now inverted by default (There is a new toggle in settings in case you prefer the old way.)
  • AI vehicles with intensifier-type night vision now see better when using IR illuminators, as well as more easily detecting targets that are shining an illuminator toward them
  • AI vehicles now turn off their marker lights in combat
  • Projectile impacts on things other than combat units no longer count as "hits" in AAR mode (Note that these can still appear in the hits list if a fragment or overpressure also struck a valid target.)
  • Abrams tanks now have more plausible default unit markings
  • Fixed an issue where AI could see through all forests in North Fields map
  • Fixed cant correction not compensating correctly
  • Fixed cant correction rotating the whole gunner's sight picture when active
  • Fixed randomized elements getting stuck on the same roll, producing results like every tank in a platoon having the same luggage layout
  • Fixed an issue that could cause FLIR and night vision modes to be active at the same time in free cam
  • Fixed X-ray ammo view drawing on top of map
  • Fixed a floating road in Outskirts map
  • Fixed naming inconsistency for settings
  • Fixed IR illuminator beams passing through terrain
  • Fixed an issue where fragment projectiles could use tracers by mistake

The new range is great, but wouldn't it be possible to increase the speed of one of the moving targets? they are far too slow
How to you get the new firing range?