Top questions

Q: What's the point of this game?

A: We want to play a tank game that hits a satisfying level of realism without imposing free-to-play economy limitations or sacrificing playability and accessibility. The options for that set of goals seem limited, so we're making it happen ourselves. For a more detailed write-up, see dev log #2: Why we fight.

Q: I want to make a video/article/etc. about GHPC, but I have some questions for the team first. Who do I talk to?

A: You're free to cover any build of GHPC at will, but if you require additional information, email or ping @Media Contact on Discord.

Q: Why does it look like there are two separate GHPC demos? Why is there no gameplay in the newer looking one?

A: The public pre-alpha was a proof of concept built by one person. The GHPC team is working on the new "vertical slice" build from the ground up to replace the previous version and eventually grow to a full game. Currently, only Patreon subscribers can access the vertical slice build while it's unfinished. The pre-alpha remains available for free while the vertical slice is in development. 

Q: The motion blur is really annoying. Can you get rid of it?

A: We'll add graphics options to the public build in a future patch.  In the Patreon build, you can disable motion blur in the Esc menu.

Q: How do I lower mouse sensitivity in the public pre-alpha demo?

A: Esc menu, click on Prefs.

Q: Why can I only drive the M60A3 TTS in the vertical slice preview?

A: Press Tab to switch to the next vehicle. There are several available in the proving ground.

Q: Why do my shots pass straight through vehicles in the vertical slice preview?

A: Armor and internal components for most vehicles are disabled in the Patreon build until they can be redone and tested properly by the team.  Plate targets and wrecked tank targets are functional in the meantime. 

Q: How do I aim, look through sights, etc.?

A: Controls are listed on screen.

Q: How do I use the moving target tracking?

A: There's an explanation pinned in #ghpc-discussion on Discord.  The most frequent problem is that the auto-lead only works with smooth aim mode (right click and drag), and the name "target tracking" refers to auto-lead during manual tracking, not automatic tracking itself.  Video guide here

Q: My tank ran out of ammo but I see there's more ammo listed in the HUD. How do I move it to the ready rack?

A: The ammo transfer menu isn't implemented in the pre-alpha, so you can use Alt+1 and Alt+2 to cheat ammo types 1 and 2 into the ready rack.  Use the U key to restock all ammo. 

Q: Why is it called "Gunner, HEAT, PC!" and why is there an APFSDS dart in the logo if the name says HEAT?

A: "Gunner, HEAT, PC!" is a fire command used by US tank crews when targeting a personnel carrier, or "PC".  It was chosen for two reasons.  First, it's a play on the letters "PC" since this is a PC game.  Second, it's much better for SEO than "gunner, sabot, tank" would have been.  There's a dart in the logo because a dart looks way cooler. 


Q: How do I get the game?

A: The old public build is downloadable from  The Patreon build is available to linked patron accounts here.  In both cases, we recommend using the app, which gives you automatic patch updates instead of requiring manual downloads.  

Q: Is the game free?

A: During this early phase of development, the game is free to play. Patreon subscribers get access to the "vertical slice" build currently in development. After the release of the "vertical slice" build for free to the public, ongoing updates will be for supporters only.  In the end, after all of that, a final full version of the game will cost money to buy.

Q: How much will the full game cost on release? Are you going to do DLC?

A: It's too early to answer these questions meaningfully.

Q: Are you going to add premium vehicles, loot boxes, or other F2P game mechanics?

A: Never.

Q: Can I see / buy the source code?

A: No.

Q: Do you have an update schedule?

A: In general, we aim for at least one update per month. The Patreon demo gets updated whenever new features are ready for testing, usually at least twice a month. However, please note that the public build has no fixed update schedule and the version from 08/2019 is not supported anymore.

Q: Where can I see a roadmap / todo list / change history?

A: Past release notes and upcoming content teasers are posted on our Discord server.  We also have a #roadmap channel there that we update when new milestones become clear.

Q: How long has this been in development?

A: The lead developer started working on it alone in 2017. At the time it was called "Josh's Unnamed Tank Game". During the course of development, it was renamed to Gunner, HEAT, PC! and in late 2019 and early 2020 a few team members were added for the pivot to a vertical slice build.

Q: Are you going to add multiplayer?

A: Yes, though the main focus is currently on making the single player core more polished and efficient. Multiplayer will come later. You can offer feedback on what you'd like to see in GHPC multiplayer, though!

Q: Will there be PvP?

A: Probably, but it will not be the main focus of the game.  Game modes are likely to be asymmetrical and co-op focused. 

Q: Will there be multicrew?

A: Yes, one of our goals for multiplayer is to allow multiple players to operate the same vehicle together if they wish.  Multicrew will not be forced, though.

Q: Is the game going to sacrifice single player content in favor of multiplayer?

A: No. The objective is to provide an enjoyable single player content base, such as a story mode and historical skirmishes. Multiplayer will be optional and complimentary to the base game, not dominant.

Q: What vehicles are going to be in the game?

A: Anything that was in active service in the 1980s or later is eligible. The initial focus will be on notable vehicles from the cold war and modern era.  In general, prototypes are unlikely to be added.  

Q: Are there going to be helicopters / aircraft / infantry?

A: The main focus is on armored fighting vehicles. We intend to add non-playable infantry for use by APCs and IFVs.  There is a possibility of adding other types of units such as Close Air Support, but they would not be player-controllable. It's too early to promise or rule anything out.

Q: Can I send this to a content creator and ask them to play it?

A: We appreciate and welcome any creators who choose to make a video about the project.  However, for the best impression, it may be preferable to wait until combat missions are re-added in the vertical slice build.  The public demo is no longer an accurate representation of GHPC's current standards. 

Quality and performance

Q: Why aren't the wheels moving in the public pre-alpha?

A: When the public build was posted, the suspension system was only featured on a couple of vehicles for testing purposes.  The Patreon build has full driving physics, gearing, etc. 

Q: Why are the vehicle models / physics / audio / terrains / UI so bad in the public pre-alpha?

A: The game is in very early development and most elements in the public build are unpolished or placeholders. You can help by contributing! If you have a high level of skill in 3D hard surface art, audio engineering, environment art, or other game development areas, contact the team via Discord or Otherwise, consider subscribing on Patreon. Your support helps us fund the game's development.

Q: Why does the game run poorly on my system?

A: The game is not optimized for performance yet. It's recommended to have at least a mid-range gaming system to play it at this time. However, if you notice a specific part of the game is causing performance to suffer, let us know! This information can help improve the experience for everyone.


Q: Is this going to be a simulator or a game?

A: Ideally, it will come to feel as compelling and immersive as a simulator while letting you have fun like a game.

Q: Why does this specific weapon system not perform the way it does in real life?

A: Could be a bug, could be an oversight on our part. If you have information about real life performance that contradicts the results you get in the demo, tell us about it in #testing-feedback on Discord. Most valid and properly sourced corrections will be addressed with adjustments in the game. Keep in mind that the early demo is being replaced completely by the vertical slice build, so bug reports from it may be redundant.

Q: Why do I keep getting destroyed in this tank even though it's the best in the world in real life?

A: The game simulates the weapons and armor it depicts as accurately as possible given available public information. No tank is invincible, no matter how big its reputation is. You may need to adjust your strategy to play to its strengths and guard against its flaws.

Q: Do you account for different types of armor?

A: Yes. Despite the core values being based on RHAe estimations for kinetic and chemical attacks, there are modifiers in place for specific types of armor with special properties, as well as ammunition types that are stronger against specific armor types.

Q: Is armor penetration modeled in detail like a Finite Element Analysis physics simulation?

A: No. The game needs to run in real time with multiple shots flying at once, so there are some necessary shortcuts taken. We simulate things like projectile diameter, ricochet, normalization, nutation, and spalling, tuning the results as close to real life as possible. You can help by visiting the reference channel on Discord and sharing test reports, videos, and other sources that will allow us to come up with approximate formulas for armor and ammo performance. 

Q: Is GHPC a viable platform for testing vehicles and drawing conclusions about their real-life performance?

A: No. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee completely accurate results, especially for systems that are still classified. Nothing you see in this game should be taken as an authoritative indication of a real system's performance.

Q: Will there be additional optics such as commander's independent sight / CITV?

A: Yes.

Q: If the game was truly realistic, this thing would happen, but it's not implemented!

A: Let us know in #testing-feedback or #ideas on Discord and we'll see if it's something that can be added without sacrificing playability or derailing development.  Please note that flaws in currently implemented systems, such as incorrect fire control system behavior, will be corrected over time. 

Documentation and sources

Q: Can I send you secret documents to help out?

A: Please refrain from posting anything that's going to get either you or us in trouble. If you're not sure, email us a question about it, or direct message a developer.

Q: I'm a tanker in real life. Can you take my word as fact?

A: If you're an armor crewman, your input is welcome! However, any unbelievable claims are subject to review, and we won't take a sole word-of-mouth source as evidence. Always back up your personal experience with documentation if possible. No one ever lies on the internet, but we want to play it safe.

Q: Do you accept documentation from all nations?

A: Yes, although if there are reasons (e.g. politics, propaganda) to doubt the veracity of a source, we reserve the right to discard it or hedge it against other data.


Q: How do I use the moving target tracking?

A: There's an explanation pinned in #ghpc-discussion on Discord.  The most frequent problem is that the auto-lead only works with smooth aim mode (right click and drag), and the name "target tracking" refers to auto-lead during manual tracking, not automatic tracking itself.  (Note: we are aware that the lead system in the public demo isn't quite representative of the way it works in real life, and this will be corrected in a future update to the public build.) 

Q: My tank ran out of ammo but I see there's more ammo listed in the HUD. How do I move it to the ready rack?

A: The ammo transfer menu isn't implemented in the pre-alpha, so you can use Alt+1 and Alt+2 to cheat ammo types 1 and 2 into the ready rack.  Use the U key to restock all ammo. 

Q: Are you going to simulate damage to fuel / tracks / optics / etc.?

A: Most systems will be given damage models as development progresses.

Q: Will we be able to use power-ups to repair damage in combat?

A: In general, we're focusing on realistic consequences for component damage. That includes difficult or impossible field repair. There will be other options, such as switching control to another friendly vehicle if your current one is too badly damaged to continue fighting.

Q: Will we be able to lock on to targets?

A: If the vehicle could do that in real life, sure.

Q: Will there be other kinds of missions aside from the search and destroy type in the demo?

A: Yes. Missions will be fleshed out and different scenario types will be added later in development.